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About sixty years ago, the J.D. Shachor law firm was founded by Adv. Joseph David Shachor (RIP), one of the oldest lawyers in Israel.

From the very beginning, the “J.D. Shachor” law firm operated as a boutique firm under the management of Adv. Joseph Shachor (RIP), and since 1993, in cooperation with his daughter, Adv. Efrat Yedidya-Shachor.

Adv. Shachor even received a “gold” certificate from the Israel Bar Association, given to members of over 50 years in the Bar Association.

Since Adv. Shachor’s death in 2013, his daughter, Adv. Efrat Yedidya-Shachor, has continued her late father’s legacy and has run the firm as a boutique firm in the field of land law.

During the many years of activity of “J.D. Shachor” law firm, the firm has acquired much reputation and experience in the various fields of land law, and has gathered many clients who have been working with the firm for many years.

The firm’s clients

The “J.D. Shachor” law firm, which is committed to values of professionality, excellence and excellent customer service, has been providing legal services to its clients for dozens of years at the highest professional level.

The firm’s many clients include thousands of customers who purchased apartments in the various projects represented by the firm across Israel as well as private clients, institutional clients, land owners, construction and supervision companies, entrepreneurs and contractors, purchase groups, Israeli residents, foreign residents, etc.

A few of the projects handled by our firm:

Projects of combination transactions, transactions by consideration and combined transactions

  •  Rotem Shany neighborhood in Ganey Tikva
  • “C View”, Hayarkon, Tel Aviv
  • “Kiriyat Shchakim”, Herzeliya
  • Harav Cook Tower, Netanya
  • 48 Shenkin, Givatayim
  •  5 HaKnesset, Givatayim.


Full sale projects:

  • “Rotem Shany Towers” neighborhood, in Ra’anana
  • “Zichron Reservation” neighborhood in Zichron Yaacov
  • 4 Edward Bernstein, Tel Aviv
  • “Traco”, Em Hamoshavot, Petach Tikva


 Evacuation-building and TMA 38 projects

  • ME in Weizmann, Ra’anana
  • Rotem Shany in Brandes, Ra’anana
  • Rotem Shany in Herzog, Netanya
  • Rotem Shany in Ganey Tikva
  • The Sea project in Bat Yam
  • 34 Kakal, Givatayim
  • 21-23 Rachel, Givatatim
  • Kaf-Gimmel Yordey HaSira, Givatayim
  • 29 Gensin, Givatayim
  • 30 Rembrandt, Tel Aviv
  • 41 Weizmann, Tel Aviv


Resident Price in Eilat – areas 1-2.

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