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About sixty years ago, the J.D. Shachor law firm was founded by Adv. Joseph David Shachor (RIP), one of the oldest lawyers in Israel.

From the very beginning, the “J.D. Shachor” law firm operated as a boutique firm under the management of Adv. Joseph Shachor (RIP), and since 1993, in cooperation with his daughter, Adv. Efrat Yedidya-Shachor.

Adv. Shachor even received a “gold” certificate from the Israel Bar Association, given to members of over 50 years in the Bar Association.

Since Adv. Shachor’s death in 2013, his daughter, Adv. Efrat Yedidya-Shachor, has continued her late father’s legacy and has run the firm as a boutique firm in the field of land law.

During the many years of activity of “J.D. Shachor” law firm, the firm has acquired much reputation and experience in the various fields of land law, and has gathered many clients who have been working with the firm for many years.



Land transactions

Our firm specializes in giving legal services to our clients in the field of land law. The firm counsels the client in all stages of the land transaction, starting from the first negotiation stages until the closing of the transaction, including the choosing of the best and most preferable “taxation track” for the client.


Cooperation agreements

Our firm represents individual and corporate clients entering into shared agreements with additional entities in order to act as entrepreneurs and/or to start land projects. Our firm handles the preparation of cooperation agreements, partnership agreements, the founding of project companies and/or holding companies etc.


Property management

Our firm represents land owners who are residents of Israel and foreign residents, and provides a package of legal and management services for the management of property. These services include handling the purchase and sale and/or leasing of the property, collection of rent payments, regular management including property betterment works, issuing income reports, etc.


Last wills, estates

Our firm provides legal services with the preparation of last wills. In addition, our lawyers serve as appointed fiduciaries and managers for heirs, with regards to their estates, including representation in court and with the Administrator General.


Associations and charitable trusts

Our firm represents associations and charitable trusts and manages their properties. This representation and management includes regular handling of property, sale and purchase of property, representation in court and with the Associations Registrar and/or the Charitable Trusts Registrar.


Foreign transactions

Our firm specializes in the provision of judicial review services with regards to foreign land transactions, including consultation and examination of the legal aspects prior to purchasing land, supreme judicial review services with regards to transactions following their purchase, handling of restitution and Jewish properties in Poland, including retrieval and restoration of documents.

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The office management

shchor 160

Adv. David Joseph Shachor (RIP)

founder of the J.D. Shachor law firm.
Immediately upon his certification, he specialized in the field of land law in general, and land taxation in particular, and served as an active lawyer until his death in 2013, at the age of 82.

efrat 160

Adv. Efrat Yedidya-Shachor, owner of the firm

Was certified as a member of the Israel Bar Association in 1993.
Following her certification, she joined the firm founded by her father, Adv. J.D. Shachor.
Adv. Yedidya-Shachor is an expert in the field of land law and commercial law.

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